Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Focus on your core business and let us find the best talent for your organization

The RGBSI RPO Solution

In today’s demanding marketplace, having the best talent is a definite advantage that leads to successful business. Acquiring the most qualified and talented workforce is a competitive undertaking. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can help address your most complex and challenging talent needs.

RGBSI is prepared to meet the challenges of your organization. Whether you’d like to supplement your internal recruiting staff, or need us to completely drive the recruiting process, we handle every step and can customize a solution to fit your business’s needs. Built upon our innovative and rigorous recruitment approach, RGBSI’s RPO Solution ensures that you get the results you need – an efficient recruiting process, improved candidate quality, and reduced cost.


Our Process


Our dedicated, degreed, and designated recruiting teams manage resume intake using many job portals including technological tools and traditional sourcing methods such as job boards and networking. RGBSI’s team will work to find quality candidates for your open positions.


When candidates are identified, RGBSI’s recruiting team screens, assesses, and tests the candidates to ensure proper fit. Our assessment and interview process is designed to ensure highly qualified candidates and higher retention rates.


RGBSI works alongside the hiring manager to coordinate an on-site interview. Our recruiters escort the candidate to and from the interview and provide feedback.


Clear communication and efficient processes make the RGBSI experience positive for both the employer and the employee, resulting in more productive work environments. We handle all the paperwork and make sure the new hire is ready to begin their position.

What Makes Us Different

Not only is our RPO Solution completely transparent, it is process and metrics driven, ensuring results. In addition to our traditional recruiting process, RGBSI uses a Recruitment Management System (RMS) designed to supplement the talent acquisition function of any organization. With a simple step-by-step interface and user-friendly workflows, the RGBSI RMS delivers incredible value in the recruitment process.

Benefits of RPO

Flexibility for Changing Hiring Needs

Improved New Hire Quality

Reduced Risk

Lower Cost Per Hire

Focus on Your Core Business

Complete Transparency